At Urbanity we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty. Our latest projekt is solving the imminent need for new residential housing – we call it NYHEM

Our three different Labs can support you with:

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    Knowing the city dweller, entrepreneur and visitor by heart is key to any City Maker. At Urbanity we have the tools and the know-how to build consumer profiles and gain deep knowledge about citizens. Call us to find out more.


    A clear vision and a strong Brand Identity is the most important starting-point when building a City, Urban District or Neighbourhood. Our District Navigator ™ sets the foundation through a 12-step process. Read more.


    Our latest innovation project is a hyper-industrial modular home project called Nyhem. Contact us to learn more about our building system can help you to produce high quality residential homes at half of the traditional production cost.

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    Urbanity is constantly featuring the most interesting trends and event in our field. Sometimes thinking out loud about it in our blog. Come share our thought.